The attorneys at the Silver Law Firm combine dedication,
innovative strategies, commitment and passion to deliver effe
ctive results for our clients, one client at a time! Our lawyers are read
ily accessible to counsel businesses and individuals from the most rout
ine matters to the most complex. The types of matters our law firm
handles include civil litigation and family law.  

Our Mission and Vision

It’s simple – our clients come first.  Every client is treated with
courtesy and is guaranteed effective communication – whether it be
returning phone calls or responding to emails.  Our expertise and
integrity have earned us a reputation as one of San Diego’s go to law
firms in our fields of expertise.  Our consistent track record of
uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust.

Accountability and Results

Nothing is more important to our lawyers than ensuring that each client
receives justice. Our attorneys will fight to protect your rights.  While
our American system of jurisprudence is less than perfect, we put it all
on the line to WIN!  Although results cannot be guaranteed, our efforts
will leave no stone unturned. We explore the strengths and weaknesses
of every client’s case at the beginning of the attorney-client
relationship, work closely with our clients to identify goals and
expectations, and implement strategies to achieve the desired result.
Silver Law Firm, APC